The primary aim of the Ikea Foundation Switzerland is to support young talent. The following age restrictions are therefore set for applications:

  • Scholarships: Application must be submitted BEFORE your 29th birthday
  • Project or work grants/internship at IKEA: before 32nd birthday
  • For events: The event must be aimed specifically and exclusively at participants who are in education.

Connection to Switzerland

The Ikea Foundation Switzerland only considers applications from applicants who reside in Switzerland or who can prove that they have a close link to Switzerland. An example of this is if the applicant has completed long stretches of education to date in Switzerland or the applicant’s main place of residence is currently Switzerland.


Download the guidelines regarding our activities here. The PDF contains all relevant information regarding the areas supported and the exclusion criteria for applications. The guidelines are binding. Guidelines

Making an application

  1. Please read our guidelines: Applications that do not comply with these will not be considered by the foundation board.
  2. Fill out the application form: Application form
  3. Summarise your application in PDF format in accordance with point 6 of the application form. The PDF must comprise no more than 20 pages.
  4. Send us the application form together with the application PDF (by email to

Submission dates

Applications are to be submitted by 1 April, 1 August or 1 December. The Foundation Board meetings are held at the end of the following month.


The Ikea Foundation Switzerland reports on your activities and services and publishes images, plans and short texts concerning the scholarships, projects or events co-financed by you on its own website. Applicants acknowledge this. In certain cases, the Ikea Foundation Switzerland will refrain from publication due to copy protection, the degree of innovation and intellectual property rights.

Final report

The foundation board or the managing director of the Ikea Foundation Switzerland will decide, on a case by case basis, whether a final report must be submitted by the scholarship participant, the person responsible in the case of project and work grants or co-financed events. This final report serves to evaluate the grant awarded and will not be published.