PEAKS — Hansel Schloupt

— Hansel Schloupt 2016 Weiterlesen

Peaks is a game for children. They learn to build objects using simple, plastic cylinders and little wooden boards of different sizes. Gaps at different heights and sloping surfaces inspire them to experiment and try to stop their creations from toppling. A game that strikes a balance between materials and how easy they are to stack.
Glass Type — Giulio Parini

Glass Type
— Giulio Parini 2015 Weiterlesen

Working with glassblower Matteo Gonet, the industrial designer Giulio Parini breathed new life into an old technique for treating glass surfaces. Letters made from graphite powder were worked onto the glass in its viscous state, creating glass objects with a distinctive look.
Hypercollection — EGLI STUDIO

— EGLI STUDIO 2016 Weiterlesen

Viva La Doccia — Kollektiv Vier

Viva La Doccia
— Kollektiv Vier 2015 Weiterlesen

Textile designers Mirjam Huwiler, Johanna Widmer and Eva Zuberbühler have created a range of shower curtains. The collection features distinctive depictions of mountain scenery, primeval forests and underwater worlds, all crafted from fragments of old pictures. They are also supported by the Creative Hub.
MONOLITHS — Dimitri Bähler

— Dimitri Bähler 2013 Weiterlesen

The European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC) in the Netherlands is home to some huge kilns. During his three-month residency, industrial designer Dimitri Bähler set himself the task of taking up an entire oven to produce not kitchenware but monolithic furniture. These are now used as counters and coffee tables at the venue.